Agenda established for RSU 20 board meeting

SEARSPORT — The agenda for the up coming Regional College Unit 20 college board conference has been set. 

The conference will be held Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the SDMHS cafetorium. 


1. Get in touch with the conference to get

2. Agenda adjustments

3. Accept assembly agenda

4. Recognitions – none

5. Thought of July 13 minutes

6. Consent agenda – none

7. Presentations – none

8. General public Participation 

9. Report from the Superintendent 

10. Committee report

11. Aged Small business
a. Consideration of acceptance of SES handbook
b. Thought of approval of SDMHS handbook
c. Thing to consider of approval of SDMHS athletic handbook

12. New Small business

a. Resignations
Jillian Liverside – ELL Instructor
Sharon Bannon – Ed Tech III Useful resource Room – SDHS
Ed Coffin – Ed Tech III PRAISE – SES
Dawn Wilbur – Ed Tech III – SES
Chris Hart – Athletic Director – SDMHS
Alice Lee – Environment League Teacher – SDMHS

b. Consideration of approval for very first year probationary deal for following lecturers
1. Lisa Anderson – PE (K-5) and Health and fitness (k-8) 
2. Vicki Davis – Grade 7/8 Math – SDMS
3. Ethan Edmondson – HS Tunes Teacher – SDHS

c. Thought of acceptance for the pursuing transfers
1. Sarah Koelbl, teacher, Gr. K-5 (one particular 12 months deal – federal COVID grant) 
2. Jennifer Rich, facilitated restoration trainer, SES (just one 12 months deal – federal COVID grant) 

d. Consideration of acceptance of college source officer Colby Leavitt

e. Thought of acceptance of substitute fee alterations (overview of premiums) 

f. Thought of approval of 2021-2022 #2 gas oil bids

g. Consideration of 2021-2022 federal and state CDC and Maine DOE tips

13. Date, time, site of up coming meeting

14. Adjournment