Antioch Faculty Board President Unilaterally Pulls Merchandise from Agenda to Get rid of Her as President

After approving the Agenda past 7 days, Board President Ellie Householder pulled an product which would have authorized for dialogue an motion to take out Board President.

Trustee Mary Rocha requested the item past 7 days be placed on the agenda who made the request regarded to Dr. Clyde Lewis who admitted to this publication and the Antioch Herald that he was mindful.

For the duration of the testy exchange, Householder blatantly lied about not understanding the item was put on the agenda and there was no discussion, however, Householder apparently accredited the agenda ahead of it went out to the public.

Below is the trade which happened Wednesday Evening in the course of the Board Assembly:

“I am going to be pulling product 10E from our Conversations per Board Coverage 9332, the Board President and Superintendent, as the secretary of the board shall function collectively to create the agenda for every regulars/unique meeting. Each agenda shall mirror the Districts eyesight and aims and the boards target on scholar finding out,” said Householder.

Householder stated each and every other Wednesday, they had agenda conferences and although the Superintendent and Vice Chair are there, it’s the Board President who approves items heading on the agenda.

“Last Wednesday, which I feel was September 1, we did not focus on this merchandise and we have these procedures for a cause. We need to adhere to them. Product 10E was positioned on the agenda devoid of getting talked about and I am puling it for tonight,” mentioned Householder.  

Superintendent Stephanie Anello right away objected when making an attempt to call position of buy.

Householder then reduce off Superintendent Anello.

“Just so you know, team can offer suggestions if recognized by the Board President and you are not acknowledged,” stated Householder.

Trustee Mary Rocha attempted to chime in said she disagreed.

“I disagree, I despatched that information to Vice President Lewis and the vice president was aware of it,” mentioned Rocha. “Now you don’t want to explore it, that is up to you but you have a ideal to put a little something on the agenda and I despatched it by way of the correct study course of motion. So I disagree with you attempting to eliminate my remarks as a trustee.”


4 hour 37 moment mark of the assembly, Trustee Rocha designed a motion to area product 10E again on the agenda. The item was then seconded by Trustee Gary Hack.

A vote then transpired with no dialogue which failed in a 2-3 vote with Householder, Hernandez and Lewis all voting against.

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For extra track record on why this agenda item was positioned on the agenda, click listed here.