COVID-19 situation review, appointments among county agenda items


A review of the county’s COVID-19 situation, appointment of members to the county Committee for Reducing Criminal Behavior, and an executive session are among the items on the Saline County Commission agenda for Tuesday.

About the meeting

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. in room 107 of the City-County Building, 300 West Ash Street. A time for public comment is scheduled near the beginning of the meeting.

County Commission meetings are now available by several options. The Board of County Commissioners encourage citizen participation in local governance processes. Making every effort to be in compliance with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KSA 75-4317). Everyone is invited to participate in meetings. Speakers are requested to state their full name and address before delivering remarks. Please approach the podium and use the microphone. Comments are limited to three minutes. 

Meetings may be viewed on Salina Media Connection’s You Tube page, Cox cable Channel 21 or Saline County’s YouTube page:

County YouTube Link

You may also participate via Zoom:

Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 968 3581 9901
Passcode: 144636

Agenda items

Because of a decision made at last week’s county commission meeting, the commissioners are once again scheduled to review Tuesday the county’s COVID-19 situation as it pertains to the county’s mask mandate. During last week’s meeting commissioners expressed concern about voting to end the mask mandate while the City of Salina still had its mask resolution in place.

Commissioners also are scheduled to consider appointing members to the Saline County Committee for Reducing Criminal Behavior. Those proposed appointees include the following.

Monte Shadwick, county commissioner

Jack Sheahon, committee member, defense attorney

Debora Cox, committee member, mental health

Cheryl Calhoun, committee member, substance abuse

Julie McKenna, committee member, interested citizen

Additionally, the county attorney and community corrections director, or their designees, will serve on the committee.

Other items on the county agenda for Tuesday include the following.

●Consider a request to proclaim Saturday through April 16 as the Week of the Young Child in Saline County. Layla Peppers, program director for Angel Academy, is scheduled to present the proclamation.

●Consider a request to proclaim the month of April 2021 as County Government Month. Hannah Stambaugh, deputy county administrator, is scheduled to present the proclamation

●Consider a request to purchase right-of-way land for the Simpson Road Improvement Project. Justin Mader, county engineer, is scheduled to present the request.

●Consider an agreement for city Special Alcohol Fund award. Annie Grevas, community corrections director, is scheduled to present the request.

●Review with County Administrator Phillip Smith-Hanes the commission meeting structure.

●Hear Smith-Hanes’ weekly update.

Additionally, commissioners are scheduled to meet in executive session for employer/employee negotiations.

To see the full Saline County Commission meeting packet (56-page pdf), click here.