Doherty lawsuit, flurry of orders leading council agenda

WORCESTER — A flurry of orders and an govt session to go over a lawsuit are on tap for Tuesday’s City Council meeting. 

The council will go into executive session Tuesday to go over a lawsuit submitted very last month by a group of citizens opposed to the prepared construction of a new Doherty Memorial Large College on Highland Road.

The 13 plaintiffs, some of whom are affiliated with the Save Newton Hill campaign, argue the existing high university at the web-site never really should have been allowed to be designed, because the city’s initial taking of the land in the late 19th century expressly restricted it to use as a park.

The grievance asks the court docket to prohibit the new high school from currently being crafted at the locale, and for the 20-acre internet site to be returned to parkland once the existing university is demolished.