Here are the new SASSA grant payment dates

The South African Social Stability Company (Sassa), accountable for distributing grants on behalf of the Department of Social Progress (DSD), has launched the specific dates for when social grants will be compensated.

The DSD has realised the logistical difficulties that arise on times when grants are dispersed, and opted for a extra streamline choice, which will be in impact from Monday March 8.

Payments for older people will take area for the relaxation of the 12 months, on the following dates: April 6, May 4, June 3, July 6, August 3, September 3, Oct 5, November 3 and December 1.

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Incapacity grants will be compensated out on: April 7, May possibly 5, June 4, July 7, August 4, September 6, Oct 6, November 4 and December 2.

Children’s grants will be compensated out on: April 8, May possibly 6, June 7, July 8, August 5, September 7, Oct 7, November 5 and December 3.

The Special Covid-19 Social Reduction of Distress grant of R350, will be paid in accordance to the very last 3 digits of applicants’ ID quantity.

Monday March 8: all ID figures ending on 083 or 088 will be aided.
Tuesday March 9: all ID figures ending on 084 or 089 will be aided.
Wednesday March 10: all ID figures ending on 085 or 080 will be assisted.
Thursday March 11: all ID quantities ending on 081 or 086 will be assisted.
Friday March 12: all ID figures ending on 082 or 087 will be served.

This cycle will repeat itself once more, starting up on Monday April 12, with numbers ending on 083 or 088.