Letter: Congress ought to repeal military services authorization

Modern working day warfare affects mostly civilians. U.S. military efforts are no exception. Diana Ohlbaum of the Pals Committee on National Legislation wrote a latest post published in “Defense One” entitled “The Bloated Pentagon Price range Isn’t Just Wasteful. It’s Racist.” She pointed out that about the past quite a few years the U.S. experienced counterterrorism operations in 85 nations, was engaged in beat in 8 countries and did air and or drone strikes in 7. Approximately all of these ended up directed towards folks of color in Africa, Latin The us, the Center East and SE Asia. She writes: “Far taken off from tv cameras, information headlines, and American general public consciousness are the human costs of war: 335,000 civilians killed and 37 million displaced thanks to wars that Congress never ever licensed or even voted on.”

Congress can reassert its constitutional mandated authority to declare war. As a small start out, expenditures in the two the Senate (S.J. Res 10) and House (H.R. 256) would repeal the 2002 Iraq Authorization for the Use of Armed service Force. I would urge Rep. Hagedorn and senators Klobuchar and Smith to co-sponsor those people expenditures.

Martin Luther King reported in 1967 that the option before us was “nonviolent coexistence or violent coannihilation.” Allow us opt for nonviolence. Other individuals just might adhere to. Let us do it for our kids and grandchildren.

Wealthy Van Dellen, Rochester