Netflix clarifies sacking of three advertising and marketing execs more than Slack responses

Netflix’s main marketing and advertising officer Bozoma Saint John has sought to silence whispers concerning the abrupt sacking of 3 marketing and advertising executives by submitting a statement from co-chief exec Ted Sarandos, which presents a lot more history on the circumstances guiding the incident.

The unnamed advertising and marketing trio was cut free immediately after putting up unguarded opinions of a derogatory nature against fellow personnel in a public corporation Slack channel.

Sarandos took swift action towards the trio, citing Netflix criteria of perform, which disallow particular responses built versus colleagues in the office to counter bullying. This plan is encapsulated by a prepared rule that ‘you only say things about fellow personnel you say to their face’.

According to Selection, none of the remarks could be classed as racist, sexist, homophobic or grounds for gross misconduct, but that has not stopped rumors circulating as to the nature of the remarks and who they were directed at.

Weighing into this febrile atmosphere, Sarandos quashed rumors originating in the Hollywood Reporter that the criticisms experienced been directed at superiors, insisting the untoward remarks had centered on their peers.

Referring to the regrettable incident, Sarandos stated: “What took place listed here was not just venting on Slack or a single conversation. These have been important, private opinions designed above various months about their friends.”

Sarandos was at pains to add that intelligence on the systematic bullying was not received by any subterfuge, with the messages remaining freely viewable on a community channel for all to see.

Praising Sarandos as a “real one” for using swift motion, Saint John expressed satisfaction on Twitter at Netflix for upholding its “culture values”.

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