September 14 Lander Town Council meeting agenda

(Lander, WY) – The Lander City Council will convene for a normal assembly on Tuesday, September 14th, 6:00 PM, in the City Corridor Council Chambers.

This meeting is open up to the community, and can also be considered by using Zoom link, Meeting ID: 462 679 1690 – Passcode: 869970.

Agenda highlights include likely approval of a bar and grill liquor license for the Endzone Bar & Grill, appointments to the Housing Authority and Elevate boards, and the acceptance of a Margaret Appleby’s resignation from the Housing Authority Board.

The total agenda is below.

I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Phone to Get

III. Public Listening to –
New Bar and Grill Liquor License –Endzone Foodstuff & Beverage, LLC, d/b/a Endzone Bar & Grill, 138 N 7th Street, Lander

a. Open Public Listening to
b. Introduce and Study
c. Request for feedback
d. Near General public Hearing

IV. Approval of Agenda

V. Oral Feedback

(a) Own Privilege – Mayor and Council
(b) Proclamation –
(c) Communication from the Floor – Citizen’s Comments
(d) Team Dialogue Objects

VI. Consent Agenda

(a) Common Meeting Minutes – August 10, 2021
(b) Standard Assembly Minutes – August 24, 2021
(c) Work Session Assembly Minutes – August 24, 2021
(d) Expenditures and Promises

VII. Resolutions

VIII. Ordinances

3rd Looking at – a. Ordinance 2021-4 – vacating 3 parcels in Money Hill Addition,
First City of Lander, Adjacent to 315 Wyoming Road

IX. New Small business

(a) Approve bar and grill license for Endzone Food stuff and Beverage, LLC, d/b/a Endzone Bar & Grill
(b) Authorize Mayor to sign Spyglass Snapshot Audit Agreement
(c) Accept Margaret Appleby resignation from the Housing Authority Board
(d) Appoint Janeira Hart and Bob Spengler to the Housing Authority Board
(e) Appoint Lonnie Bull and Mary Greene as Alternates to the Elevate Board
(f) Authorize mayor to sign HDR style and design and development engineering settlement for Gannet Peak Safe and sound Routes not to exceed $115,633.11
(g) Authorize Mayor to sign HDR FEMA relocation and acquisition review contract for $104,785.00
(h) Authorize Mayor to sign the MOU with Fremont County for Hillcrest Avenue multimodal study in the amount of money of $2,612.50
(i) Authorize Mayor to sign AIP 3-56-0016-020-2021 for $336,544 to Relocate Taxiway A East conclude
(j) Authorize Mayor to indicator ARPA FAA grant software for $59,000 for operating money

X. Executive Session – If Needed