The Future of Video Email Marketing is Here with verbMAIL

Email marketing started as a victim of compulsive inbox cleaners. Over time, businesses have implemented better strategies to promote products and services while developing relationships with potential customers.

Although email marketing is still similar to web design techniques from 1995 for building campaigns, there is now a shift in how content is presented as marketing has become more targeted, interactive and personalized.

But what does the future of email marketing really look like?

Verb Technology Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VERB), a market leader in interactive video-based sales enablement applications, believes it has the answer with its recently released tool, verbMAIL.

What is verbMAIL?

verbMAIL is an interactive video sales tool that, at its core, is designed to inspire and drive action when a potential customer’s interest is at its highest.

Imagine this: You notice a customer that is interested in your product or service, and want to reach out. Instead of typing an email, you can simply record a quick personal interactive video. When watching your video, the customer simply click right in the video to purchase the product, schedule a demo, view a product listing, open a PDF, connect via social media and more, all without ever leaving the video.

You can then track when your prospective customer watches the video, for how long, and what interactive buttons they clicked in the verbMAIL library, allowing you to follow up immediately while their interest level is piqued to close that sale.







verbMAIL is a useful tool for large enterprise sales teams as well as small startups and entrepreneurs looking for that extra edge to generate income. verbMAIL is available to the approximately one billion users of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Outlook, through the recently completed integration developed in collaboration with the U.S. Technical Team at Microsoft’s Global Partner Solutions.

You can create and send interactive videos directly from your Outlook account in just a few clicks: When composing an email, click the verbMAIL icon in the Outlook tool bar, choose whether to record or upload a video, add your interactive buttons, and send.

The debut version of verbMAIL is offered free for Microsoft Outlook subscribers. An upcoming version of the product adds enhanced business features that will be made available for a monthly subscription fee. Download verbMAIL to turn your Outlook app into a super productive and effective sales tool!

VERB has hired a Microsoft Channel sales director to drive the go-to-market strategy, pricing and corporate packaging for the enhanced version of verbMAIL.

The Future is Video

Video is recognized as one of the most effective tools for sales and marketing. In 2020, 85% of businesses used video as a marketing tool and 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is increasing significantly.

Verb is also capitalizing on the growing success and evolution of livestream e-commerce with the help of tools that eliminate friction from the sales process. The company’s clients have reported increased sales conversion rates of up to 1200%.

In addition to verbMAIL, Verb offers other sales-driving tools such as verbLIVE (interactive livestream e-commerce and video webinar application), verbCRM (customer relationship and content management application), verbTEAMS (a self-onboarding version of verbCRM with built-in verbLIVE and Salesforce synchronization for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs), and verbLEARN (learning management system application).

The company’s apps are available in over 60 countries and more than 48 languages to large enterprise and small business sales teams that need affordable, easy-to-use and quick-results sales tools. With potential new shutdowns or long-term shifts in consumer behavior from the COVID-19 pandemic, video email communications and livestream e-commerce will soon become the new normal.

To learn more about Verb, visit its website here.

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