The ‘predatory marketing’ behind menthol cigarettes and how a ban could save Black lives

Delmonte Jefferson:

Nicely, initial of all, we have read that argument right before. We listened to that argument again in 2009, when we ended up asking then for them to include menthol.

And the argument by itself generated from the tobacco sector. Now, the tobacco sector paid and they obtained spokespersons within just the black group to make that argument. But this is an argument that arrives from the market alone.

And, to be genuine, there’s completely no knowledge to guidance it. Even given that 2009, when they banned strawberry and grape and the other flavors, you can find no evidence that we have had encounters with law enforcement since those flavors had been banned and/or remaining smoked and utilized.

Now — and to the other level, nevertheless, and there was another place you designed just about the criminalization, that far too is strong propaganda, because they like to use and toss up Eric Garner, and they like to toss up Sandra Bland, and they like to toss up George Floyd and say, properly, appear, these were encounters for the reason that of tobacco, for the reason that of mentholated tobacco.

Nonetheless, for that same argument, I would throw out Anthony Brown. I would throw out Isaiah Brown and Dante Smith, these exact same folks, other people that had been killed just not long ago, with no encounter or no reason for cigarettes in any way. That was not the purpose that they were approached by legislation enforcement.

In reality, it is in all probability more unsafe to have a mobile phone in your hand and up to your ear than it is to have a cigarette in your mouth.